Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5%

Granules persia paraffin

Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5%

Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5%

General Specification of Granule Paraffin wax 1.5%

Granule Paraffin wax 1.5%, is producing from  Paraffin wax 1.5% or in combination with paraffin wax and other performance additives.

Granule Paraffin wax 1.5% are made up of saturated hydrocarbons possessing a fine-grained crystal structure which renders them much more flexible than paraffin waxes. Granule Paraffin wax Colors available range from white through yellow to dark brown in appearance. Our Granule Paraffin Wax is producing by full QC supervision according to ASTM standard and will be guaranteed by Faragam Petro Tech Company.


Granule Paraffin wax 1.5%, Applications

Granule Paraffin wax 1.5% most commonly used for making: candle, Sealing, Wood Polishing, Rubber, Paper, Petroleum Jelly, MDF, Cable Jelly, packing machine, and PVC.

Packing for Granule Paraffin wax 1.5%

Our Granule Paraffin wax 1.5% is packing in 25 Kgs PE./PP. bags. 640 Bags in 1X20’FCL, 16 M.Tons Approx.

Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5% oil , export destinations

Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5% oil content, mostly offered by customers which are manufacturing the best quality candles and cosmetic products. So, we are exporting Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5% to South America, African, European, south American, East Asian countries.

Our Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5% oil, is producing, packing and exporting to mentioned above destinations, under Persia Paraffin authorization by the best Iranian paraffin wax raw materials in accordance with ASTM standard.

For taking updated price for Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5% oil, and knowing more about further details, please contact us by our contact lines/email.


Technical Specification of Granule Paraffin wax 1.5%


Items Soft Test method
Oil content Max 1.5 % Astm d-721
Melting point 58-60ᵒC

Astm d-87

Color <0.5 Astm d-1500
Specific gravity 0.78 Astm d-3712
Viscosity @ 100 4.5-5  Cst Astm d-445


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