Paraffin Wax 1-1.5%

paraffin wax 1-1.5%

Paraffin Wax 1-1.5%

Paraffin wax 1-1.5% 


 Paraffin wax 1-1.5%, General Specification 

Paraffin wax 1-1.5%, identifying by semi refined paraffin wax category. The main ingredient of, 1-1.5% semi refined paraffin wax is light or heavy slack wax. Heavy or light slack waxes as raw material have impression on melting point of semi refined paraffin wax 1-1.5%, between 58 to 65°C. This differences allow to the customers to choose inquired paraffin wax 1-1.5% according to its own country temperature and location. The heavy one often used in nearest countries to the equator. Paraffin wax 1-1.5% oil, is transparent, white, too hard, non-odor. Our products are producing by full QC supervision according to ASTM standard and will be guaranteed by Faragam Petro Tech Company.

Paraffin wax 1-1.5%, ApplicationS 

Paraffin wax 1-1.5% oil content commonly use in candle making because of its own property such as proper oil content, whitening grade.

Paraffin wax 1-1.5% oil content is used for making high quality candles, container candles, cosmetic industries, PVC pipe and fitting producing, Paint Industries, coating and polishing.

Semi refined Paraffin wax 1-1.5% is used in food packaging as a coating/lamination for folding cartons, corrugated containers, flexible packaging, paper cups and food containers. This wax layer is required for its water resistance, oil-proofing, and barrier against odors and gases. Specialized paraffin wax developed for this purpose is tasteless and odorless.

Paraffin wax 1-1.5%, Packing 

 Paraffin wax 1-1.5% oil content products are proposing in 5-6 kg slabs. Each 5 slabs packed in a PP bags then pack in a 30 kg carton box. This carton box will be shrink.

According to the customer order palletizing of semi refined Paraffin wax 1-1.5% oil content, cartons is possible.

Paraffin wax 1-1.5%, export destination

Paraffin wax 1-1.5% oil content, is exporting to some different destination, because of type of use and properties. Semi refined paraffin wax 1-1.5% is forwarding to African countries, such as:South Africa, Madagascar, Europe like: Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Italy, Latin America: Ecuador, Colombia, Ecuador, Middle east and east Asia Countries.

Our Paraffin wax 1-1.5% is producing, packing and exporting to mentioned destinations under Persia Paraffin authorization in accordance with ASTM standard by the best Iranian paraffin wax 1-1.5% raw materials.

For taking updated price for Paraffin Wax 1-1.5%, and knowing more about further details, please contact us by our contact lines/email.

 Paraffin wax 1-1.5%, Technical Specification 

Oil Content 1-1.5% Max. ASTM D721
Penetration 26 (0.1 mm) ASTM D1321
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C 6-6.5 cst ASTM D445
Color 0.3 y ASTM D1500
Melting Point 67°C ASTM D87
Flash Point 250°C Min. ASTM D92
Congealing Point 60-62°C ASTM D938

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