Paraffin Wax 3-5%

Paraffin wax 3-5%,

Paraffin Wax 3-5%

Paraffin Wax 3-5%

Paraffin wax 3-5%,Specification

Paraffin wax 3-5%, identifying by semi refined paraffin wax category. The main ingredient of, semi refined paraffin wax 3-5% is light or heavy slack wax. Heavy or light slack waxes as raw material have impression on melting point of paraffin wax 3-5%, between 62 to 66°C. This differences allow to the customers to choose inquired paraffin wax 3-5% according to its own country temperature and location. The heavy one often used in nearest countries to the equator. Paraffin wax 3-5% oil, is transparent, white, too hard, non-odor. Our products are producing by full QC supervision according to the ASTM standard and will be guaranteed by Faragam Petro Tech Company.

Paraffin wax 3-5%, Application

Paraffin wax 3-5% oil content commonly used as a lubricant in many cases. Paraffin wax 3-5% oil content is used for, anti-oxidation, anti-crack in tire producing, making some type of candles and polishing. Paraffin wax 3-5% is used in food packaging as a coating/lamination for folding cartons, corrugated containers, flexible packaging, paper cups and food containers.Specialized paraffin wax developed for this purpose is tasteless and odorless.

Paraffin wax 3-5%, Packing

Our semi refined Paraffin wax 3-5% oil content products are proposing in 5-6 kg slabs. Each 5 slabs packed in a PP bags then pack in a, 30 kg carton box. Because of more oil content in comparison with other semi refined paraffin waxes, in this carton packs must be use internal liner to avoid of splashing and leakage. This carton box will be shrink, finally.According to the customer order palletizing of semi refined Paraffin wax 3-5% oil content, cartons is possible.

Paraffin Wax 3-5%, export destinations

Referring to Paraffin Wax 3-5% application , this product is exporting to our customers in some different destinations, such as: South Africa, Madagascar, Algeria, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, Thailand, South Korea.
Paraffin Wax 3-5% is producing, packing, forwarding under Persia Paraffin authorization in accordance with ASTM standard by the best Paraffin Wax raw material, quality.For taking updated price for Semi Refined Paraffin Wax 3-5%, and knowing more about further details, please contact us by our contact lines/email.

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