Slack Wax Light 30%

Slack Wax Light 30%

Slack Wax Light 30%


Slack Wax Light 30%

Slack Wax Light 30% is extracted from refinery Refined after producing this product with solvents, which is mostly obtained from lubricant oil. Slack Wax Light 30%, has oil content up to 35%. According to processing and shape of Slack Wax Light 30%, it is used in some industries. This product is raw material of paraffin waxSlack Wax Light 30% divided to two grades, Slack Wax 30% Heavy Grade and Light Grade.

Slack Wax Light 30% colors brighter light than heavy. The melting point up to 65 degrees, which can be of advantage and really good.

Slack Wax Light 30%, Application

Slack Wax Light 30% is most commonly used in wax emulsions paraffin, as binders and water-proofing in artificial woods; in matches; in jar candles; in rust-protection products; in industrial lubricants; in arena-footing; in soil or Surf protection; and in fireplace products

Slack Wax Light 30%, Packing

Slack Wax Light 30% is packing in steel and plastic drums.

Slack Wax Light 30%, export destinations

Referring to variety in using Slack Wax Light 30%, we are exporting to some different destinations.Our Slack Wax Light 30%, is forwarding to African, European, Middle East, Asian countries.Our Slack Wax Light 30% is producing, packing, exporting under Persia Paraffin authorization in accordance with ASTM standard by the Best Iranian Slack Wax Light 30% raw material quality.

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