Liquid Paraffin

Liquid Paraffin

Liquid Paraffin

Liquid Paraffin is an oil derivative commonly referred to as mineral oil. There are different types of chemicals that are classified under the label of mineral oil and are used in various applications, including manufacturing. However,  liquid paraffin is a very refined term for mineral oil that is suitable for applications in skin care products and even for oral consumption.

 Liquid paraffin is a colorless, clear, and viscous liquid with almost no fluorescence. It is odorless and tasteless.

liquid paraffin has limited use as a casual cleanser, but is unsuitable for regular use because it can leak from the anus and cause irritation. Iran Liquid Paraffin can interfere with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.  Liquid Paraffin can be absorbed into the intestinal wall and may cause an external granulomatous reaction. And if  Liquid Paraffin enters the lungs, it can cause lipoid pneumonia.

 Liquid paraffin in combination with magnesium is also used as an osmotic laxative sold under the Mil-Par brand.

Iran Liquid paraffin is used in industry and textiles, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, among others. Often used in infrared spectroscopy. Liquid Paraffin can be used for cooking to make it easier to remove cooked food. It is also used to make many foods, such as apples, look shiny to cut.

Iran liquid paraffin market is divided according to type, product type, treatment and class of drug, drug form, application and region. Depending on the type, the Iran liquid paraffin market is classified as a form of liquid paraffin. It is a highly refined form of kerosene that is used as a fuel. Another case is a highly refined mineral oil that has various uses, including in cosmetic and medical applications.

 Liquid paraffin fuel – Liquid paraffin is very distilled and refined oil that can be burned in lamps and other devices. Fuel has no dust or odor when burned, making it a less attractive fuel option than refined kerosene.

Depending on the type of product, the  liquid paraffin is classified as diaper cream, foot moisturizer and cosmetics and other products. Liquid paraffin can be used to reduce diaper rash and eczema. The cosmetics industry also makes good use of  liquid paraffin. It is used in a variety of beauty products, including cleansing creams, cold creams, moisturizers, bronze oils and cosmetics. According to the treatment, the liquid paraffin  is divided into constipation, intestinal obstruction.

Liquid paraffin has many uses in medicine. Because Iran liquid paraffin passes through the intestinal tract without being absorbed, it can be used as a laxative to limit the amount of water excreted in the feces and ease constipation.

According to the drug class, the Iran Liquid Paraffin is classified as emollients, emollients.

 Liquid paraffin is used as a emollient lotion to treat dry skin. According to the drug form, the Iran Liquid Paraffin is classified as anoma, ocular solution, oral gel, oral solution, oral suspension, rectal ointment, topical lotion, topical oil, topical ointment. Based on applications, the  liquid paraffin market is classified as lubrication, electrical insulation and spark plugs.

 Liquid paraffin is mainly used as a lubricant in various industrial settings. It can be used to lubricate blades that cut paper and are used in mechanical mixing. The use of  liquid paraffin in the textile industry mostly involves lubrication.  Liquid paraffin is an oil material used for spinning, weaving and mesh.

Sewing machine lubrication usually contains liquid paraffin.

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