liquid paraffin is a preservative

Liquid Paraffin

liquid paraffin is a preservative

Is liquid paraffin a preservative?
Cosmetic Liquid Paraffin

Our white oils are suitable for use in medicinal and veterinary applications, in cosmetic preparations, as well as process oil in the plastic industry, as the softener in the textile industry and as the lubricant in the alimentary food industry and as a preservative.

It is a transparent, colorless, nearly odorless, and oily liquid that is composed of saturated hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. The term paraffinum perliquidum is sometimes used to denote light liquid paraffin, while the term paraffinum subliquidum is sometimes used to denote a thicker mineral oil.

Referring to variety in Liquid Paraffin Cosmetic applications, we are exporting this product to some different countries, such as: European, Middle East, Asian countries.

Liquid Paraffin Cosmetic is producing, packing, exporting under Persia Paraffin authorization in accordance with ASTM standard by the best liquid paraffin Cosmetic raw material, quality.

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