Iran Vaseline Applications, at home

Iran Vaseline Applications, at home

You can use Vaseline to protect your baby’s sensitive skin, rejuvenate your hands and nails or soften hard heels especially in winter.

Vaseline, for Family

  1. Use Vaseline as a body moisturizer to lock in moisture and keep your skin restored, soft and smooth.
  2. Apply Vaseline over scabs, scrapes and minor cuts to protect from the elements.
  3. Vaseline Keeps lips soft and moisturized, especially in winter, by applying to lips as a lip balm.
  4. Vaseline Rub into a dry, itchy nose during a cold to soothe and protect.
  5. Vaseline Reducing puffiness, dark rings or bags from tired eyes by dabbing around the eye area.
  6. Massage Vaseline into feet to soften and restore dry, cracked heels.
  7. Vaseline Preventing roughness on knees and ankles by massaging into the problem areas, morning and night.
  8. Exfoliate rough or dead skin by mixing Vaseline with salt or sugar to create a scrub and rub all over before your shower or bath.
  9. Vaseline Rub into hard, dry cuticles to soften and moisturize.
  10. Vaseline Rub into your heels and feet before wearing new shoes to protect from blisters.
  11. Dab Vaseline on to eyelashes to make them look silky and long instead of using mascara.
  12. Use Vaseline with a cotton swab to gently and effectively remove make-up on your face and eyes.
  13. Use Vaseline a dab to slick back stray hairs and create a sleek ponytail.
  14. Rub Vaseline into skin before applying perfume to make the smell last longer.
  15. Relieve Vaseline razor burn by applying some cold Vaseline (leave it in the freezer for 5 minutes) to your legs directly after shaving. Not only will it soothe but will also moisturize for a healthy glow.
  16. Vaseline Preventing and soothe heat or chafing rashes during sports by rubbing into skin in sensitive areas like thighs.
  17. Rub Vaseline into skin after shaving to soothe itchy or sensitive skin.
  18. Vaseline Re-hydrate and restore skin after outdoor sports and activities.
  19. Using Vaseline as a fingertip covered in Vaseline to smooth and shape eyebrows.
  20. Applying Vaseline to affected areas to protect skin from windburn or chapping when outdoors.


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