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Petroleum Jelly For Export

Petroleum Jelly For Export

Petroleum Jelly is exported to different countries. Our Petroleum Jelly is exported under the license of Persia Paraffin in accordance with the ASTM standard by the best raw material of Hygienic Vaseline, with quality, production, packaging. To receive the updated price for Petroleum Jelly and For more details, contact us through our contact/email lines.

petroleum jelly for sunburn

Petroleum jelly for sunburn

Skin Dryness – When the skin is sunburned, it loses moisture. Keeping the skin moisturized helps you to maintain smoother looking skin during the healing process when skin can appear flaky. For a mild burn, apply a gentle moisturizer to your skin, such as Petroleum jelly to hydrate, soothe, and lock in moisture. Petroleum jelly is used...

The Vaseline Story


Vaseline believes that truly healthy skin starts with deep healing moisture. It’s not something you get by masking problems or through quick fixes. We know this because we are the original skin experts. Founded in 1870 by Robert Cheeseburger, Vaseline has been safely helping skin heal for over 140 years. We invite you to take a trip back...

Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade

Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Grade

Petroleum Jelly cosmetic grade, specification:

Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic grade (Vaseline) is made up of pure petroleum jelly which contain minerals and micro crystalline wax so it is smoother. Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic grade (Vaseline), is used as the basis for making cosmetics. It not only, hurt the body skin, but also make it fresh and help to skin hydrotherapy. Our...