Paraffin wax Slack,Residue wax Petroleum jelly

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Paraffin Wax

The first major type of crude oil, Paraffin wax, which is used in industries and hygienic aims, widely.Paraffin wax has some shapes, such as Paraffin wax in solid shape and liquid paraffin.Paraffin wax suitable as corrosion protection coatings for industrial barrels and tanks. In addition, use in electrical insulation, textile, making Candles, Production of waterproof fabric and paper industries, Industrial Wax, Solid ink copy paper, Based lubrication products and Vaseline.

Paraffin wax has two major grades, they are light Paraffin wax and heavy Paraffin wax. These grades are divided to Fully refined paraffin wax and semi refined paraffin wax, also.

Fully refined paraffin wax, has oil content less than or up to 0.5%. It is white, transparent, tough and commonly use for candle making. Candles which are made by Fully refined paraffin wax, are snow white and have long lasting burning time.

Semi refined paraffin wax, not only use for making candle, but also apply for some other aims, such as surface waxing, polishing and lubrication. Semi refined paraffin wax has oil content up to 7%.

Slack Wax

Slack wax is raw material for making paraffin wax. According to De-oiling process of slack wax, obtaining paraffin wax by different oil percentage is possible. Slack wax has two Heavy Slack Wax and Light Slack Wax categories, so paraffin waxes which are obtained from are categorized to Heavy paraffin wax and Light paraffin wax.

Residue Wax (Foots Oil)

Residue wax or foots oil, is remained product after processing or de-oiling slack wax, when the slack wax pressurized to taking out specified oil percent for making Paraffin wax. Residue wax -foots oil has too much oil, up to 50%. Because of using a lot in making match industries, Residue wax is called Foots Oil, as well.

Residue wax is applying in shoe making, Plastic, Polishing and wood industries. Meanwhile, Residue wax use as lubricant, Grease row material, making tires, by its own properties.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is made up of a partial solid mix of hydrocarbons that comes from mines/oil. Ultimately, the only main difference between Vaseline and Petroleum jelly is that Vaseline is made up of pure Petroleum jelly which contain minerals and micro crystalline wax so it is smoother.

Referring to appliance of Petroleum jelly, it is divided to following categories. Cosmetic Petroleum jelly(white),  Pharmaceutical Petroleum Jelly,  Industrial Petroleum Jelly


Liquid Paraffin mixture of liquid hydrocarbon saturated ring and chains is also known under the name of mineral oil or white oil. This product is characterized by odorless, colorless and tasteless, soluble natural solvents and insoluble in water and alcohol.

Liquid Paraffin is used in various industries due to high purity and stability indications. Hair lotion, cleansing cream, cold cream, anti-dust, oil, textile, coated eggs and food industry applications.

Liquid Paraffin is distributed in three grades: Industrial, Edible and Cosmetic


Paraffin Emulsion

Paraffin emulsions are non-ionic, cat-ionic and anionic emulsions for food grade and technical application and are based on a variety of materials like LDPE and HDPE waxes, primary PE waxes, PP waxes, paraffin waxes, micro crystalline waxes, carnauba waxes and blends thereof. Paraffin emulsion most commonly used for making Coatings, ink, coat paper, Bristol board and cardboard, waterproof chipboard, water proof fibers, ropes and textiles, protect floors, car bodies and furniture, coating fruits, Gilsonite emulsion, liquid Gilsonite and vegetables.

Polyethylene wax

Polyethylene wax / PE Wax, act as activator and dispersing material for Polyethylene, Polypropylene, ABS resins.

Waxes are mainly dispersions of polyethylene’s hydrocarbons, or vegetable and animal Waxes in the vehicle system used. They impart slip and scuff resistance to ink films.Our Polyethylene wax / PE Wax is supper dry, white.


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