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Paraffin waxes in paper industry

Paraffin waxes in the paper industry Although the use of plastics steadily increases in packaging, cellulose-based papers, cardboard and corrugated paperboard still remain the most important packaging materials. Besides other additives, paraffin waxes and wax-containing auxiliary products are largely used for improving the properties of paper, cardboard and corrugated paperboard. The packaging industry is one of the most important consumers...

paraffin wax 1-1.5%

Paraffin Wax 1-1.5%

Paraffin wax 1-1.5%     Paraffin wax 1-1.5%, General Specification  Paraffin wax 1-1.5%, identifying by semi refined paraffin wax category. The main ingredient of, 1-1.5% semi refined paraffin wax is light or heavy slack wax. Heavy or light slack waxes as raw material have impression on melting point of semi refined paraffin wax 1-1.5%, between 58 to 65°C. This differences allow to the customers...