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Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 0.5%,(58-60°C, M.P)

Paraffin wax 0.5% oil (58-60°C, M.P)
(Fully Refined)

General Specification of Fully Refined paraffin wax 0.5% oil content (58-60°C, M.P)

This type of paraffin wax, identifying by fully refined paraffin wax category and so called crystal paraffin wax in the market, also. The main ingredient of, 0.5% fully refined paraffin wax is heavy slack wax and the final product will be taken by sweetening method. Paraffin wax 0.5% oil, is transparent, white, too hard, non-odor. Our products are producing by full QC supervision according to ASTM standard and will be guaranteed by Faragam Petro Tech Company.

Application of Fully refined paraffin wax 0.5% oil content (58-60°C, M.P)

Fully Refined Paraffin wax 0.5% oil content is used for making high quality candles, decorative candles, cosmetic industries to make creams, skin masks, mascara, lip and chap sticks.Food Industries to add in baking/frying oils, chocolates, fruit polishing,Coatings for waxed paper or cloth

Publish Industries to make oily papers and molding. Also, paraffin wax 0.5% oil content use for making candle and sculpture art.

paraffin wax 0.5% is used in food packaging as a coating/lamination for folding cartons, corrugated containers, flexible packaging, paper cups and food containers. This wax layer is required for its water resistance, oil-proofing, and barrier against odors and gases. Specialized paraffin wax developed for this purpose is tasteless and odorless

Packing for Fully Refined Paraffin wax 0.5% oil content

Our fully refined Paraffin wax 0.5% oil content products are proposing in 5-6 kg slabs. Each 5 slabs packed in a PP bags then pack in a, 30 kg carton box. This carton box will be shrink.

According to the customer order palatalizing of fully refined Paraffin wax 0.5% oil content, cartons is possible.

Fully Refined Paraffin wax 0.5% oil (58-60°C, M.P), export destinations

Fully refined paraffin wax 0.5% oil content (58-60°C, M.P), mostly offered by customers which are manufacturing the best quality candles and cosmetic products. So, we are exporting Fully refined paraffin wax to South America, African, European, south American, East Asian countries.

Our Fully Refined Paraffin wax 0.5%, is producing, packing and exporting to mentioned above destinations, under Persia Paraffin authorization by the best Iranian paraffin wax raw materials in accordance with ASTM standard.

For taking updated price for Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 0.5%, and knowing more about further details, please contact us by our contact lines/email.

Technical Specification of Fully refined paraffin wax 0.5% oil content (58-60°C, M.P)

ASTM D721 23% Max. Oil Content
ASTM D1321 14 (0.1 mm) Penetration
ASTM D445 6.2 cst Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C
ASTM D1500 0.1 y Color
ASTM D87 58-60°C Melting Point
ASTM D92 250°C Min. Flash Point
ASTM D938 57°C Congealing Point



Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Wax

The first major type of crude oil, paraffin, which Elkins (alkanes) also called. Paraffin general formula is CnH2n + 2. The simplest and lightest series paraffin molecule, methane has the formula CH4. Paraffin with fewer than five carbon atoms are gaseous at normal temperature and pressures. In addition to methane, other gaseous paraffin include ethane, propane and butane. For simplicity, these are sometimes also called C1 to C4. C5 to C15 normal paraffin in the temperature and pressure of the liquid. Hydrocarbons with more than 15 carbon atoms (C15), highly viscous or viscous and solid waxes to their own state. Paraffin of the C40 and above all are.

Paraffin wax against many acids and alkali resistant and suitable as corrosion protection coatings for industrial barrels and tanks. In addition, due to their remarkable properties as electrical insulation and has many applications in various industries including textile is used.

Paraffin wax, Categories

Paraffin wax is normally divide in  Fully refined and Semi refined types. Fully and Semi refined paraffin wax have difference in oil content and because of that they have differences in application. Also, paraffin wax is categorized by related shapes, such as Granule Paraffin Wax, Flake Paraffin wax, Powder Paraffin wax, Slab paraffin wax.


Paraffin Wax, Applications

· Making Candles

· Production of waterproof fabric and paper industries

· Industrial Wax

· Solid ink copy paper

· Matches of

· Based lubrication products and Vaseline