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Paraffin wax in cosmetic industries

Paraffin wax in cosmetic industries Paraffin waxes in cosmetics industry are using in the last century. Initially raw materials of cosmetics were vegetable or animal origin were solely used for such purposes. Only later did petroleum products make their entrance into the cosmetics industry and find general acceptance. The following petroleum products are in use for cosmetic purposes : Vaseline...

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Paraffin waxes in paper industry

Paraffin waxes in the paper industry Although the use of plastics steadily increases in packaging, cellulose-based papers, cardboard and corrugated paperboard still remain the most important packaging materials. Besides other additives, paraffin waxes and wax-containing auxiliary products are largely used for improving the properties of paper, cardboard and corrugated paperboard. The packaging industry is one of the most important consumers...

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Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5%

Granule Paraffin Wax 1.5% General Specification of Granule Paraffin wax 1.5% Granule Paraffin wax 1.5%, is producing from  Paraffin wax 1.5% or in combination with paraffin wax and other performance additives. Granule Paraffin wax 1.5% are made up of saturated hydrocarbons possessing a fine-grained crystal structure which renders them much more flexible than paraffin waxes. Granule Paraffin wax Colors available range from...